Real Progress in Your Career

You’re an aspiring professional. You want to advance in your career. You’ve been trying to make progress on your own. Perhaps you’ve even tried executive coaching or leadership trainings. But certain internal and interpersonal tendencies keep holding you back.

  • Maybe you’re trying to manage projects, or even your own business, but have difficulty becoming self-motivated.
  • Maybe you miss work due to depression or anxiety.
  • Maybe stress-related physical symptoms keep you in bed.
  • Perhaps interpersonal conflicts with peers or bosses lead you to draw criticism that holds you back.
  • Perhaps procrastination prevents you from presenting your best work, and your best self.
  • Or, maybe you’re very successful, but feel unable to enjoy it.

These problems and others are common, and can be difficult to resolve on our own. They are often the result of deeply entrenched patterns that we cannot become aware of or resolve without professional help.

In an intensive therapy experience, you will be supported to become more self-aware so you can begin to see the unconscious, automatic, habitual forces within you that create barriers in your career pursuits. We can work together to help you see and overcome the parts of you that keep you stuck, and that prevent you from changing on your own.

If you’re finding yourself stuck as you’re trying to make progress in your career, and you want some support in your efforts to pursue your career goals, feel free to contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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