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PODCAST: Dr. Joseph Featured on OC87 Recovery Diaries Podcast

This is a follow-up interview regarding the article below. In it I open up about aspects of my work and my development as a therapist. It might help you get a better idea of some of my ideas about my work.

Psychologist Maury Joseph, Psy.D.: A Therapist with a Unique Perspective

Dr. Joseph’s Blog Posts

I publish monthly blog posts on as a “topic expert” for ISTDP and somatization. This page will keep a running list of links to my contributions to


Dr. Joseph’s Guest Blog for OC87 Recovery Diaries

Running is Useless: Becoming a Therapist is the Therapy I Needed

This a more personal essay about some aspects of my emotional development as a therapist.



Dr. Joseph’s Interview on Choosing a Therapist with Herbalist Melanie St. Ours of Psyche and Soma

Here is the recording of an interview I did with herbalist Melanie St. Ours from Psyche and Soma about choosing a therapist. Dr. Joseph answers questions about the links between emotions and physical symptoms, discusses optimal levels of anxiety and discomfort that facilitate learning in therapy, and offers advice about how to pick a therapist. NB: We had some microphone issues, but still a good chat!

Choosing a Therapist: Conversation with Maury Joseph, PsyD