Real Recovery

You’ve been struggling with a mental health condition for longer than you’d prefer. You’ve tried therapy and have had marginal results. Medications haven’t helped much either. Perhaps you’ve been told you’re suffering from a “treatment-resistant” condition. You’re feeling stuck. You know there is more to life than this and you’re not ready to give up.

In intensive therapy we can work to help you recognize thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have been operating out of your awareness and preventing your treatments and self-healing efforts from working. We can help you see, understand, and overcome the psychological factors that may be holding you back, and support you as you work to transform yourself. We can make this therapy the most effective one you’ve had yet by helping you to remove the barriers that prevented prior efforts from being more truly healing.

If you feel like your recovery from a mental health condition is stuck, and you want to give yourself another chance with someone who specializes in helping people get unstuck, feel free to call now for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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