About Dr. Joseph


About Dr. Maury Joseph

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Washington, DC. I am a local expert in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), an evidenced-based treatment strategy for a wide range of mental health conditions, and I have advanced training in several other approaches to therapy. In 2017, I co-founded the Institute for Emotions and Health in DC, a practice focused on diagnosis, treatment, and research of medically unexplained physical symptoms, psychophysiologic disorders, and TMS symptoms like chronic pain, irritable bowels, headaches, and chronic fatigue. I am currently faculty chair of the Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy training program at the Washington School of Psychiatry, where I help train post-graduate therapists. I also serve as an assistant clinical faculty member at George Washington University and adjunct faculty at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and I help train clinical psychology graduate students in the practice of psychotherapy at both schools. I am a regular blogger for goodtherapy.org and other mental health advocacy websites (see Blogs page). For more on my training and educational history: LinkedIn